Spurring the continuous personal development of individuals through innovative learning paths, comprising a high input of intercultural learning, supported by non-formal and informal learning methods.

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Entrepreneurs and active citizens

The main driver of this not for profit Civil Society Organisation and the first purpose of its activities is the promotion of intercultural constructive dialogue with all the basic and promising resources (ICT). We strongly believe that lack of dialogue and communication skills, as well as lack of soft skills in general is one of the main sources of the multiple crises that our cities and communities faces now.
We believe that people need to learn that the World Cultural Heritage belongs to all and that it is essential to protect and develop by all means as the biodiversity of this legacy.


Smart growth initiatives

We aim at fostering European cooperation answering to clear local and regional needs, and designing, developing and multiplying projects and good practices through a unique platform of interaction, aiming at collectively realizing the potential for the European agendas, policies and recommendations.

Indeed we take stock from the EU 2020 strategy though we also are very reflective of changing times and developing a critical thinking approach to develop further our activities.


Community-based strategies

Our staffs, volunteers and associated partners are involved in a variety of actions and programmes, tackling issues where intercultural dialogue, migrant integration and repatriation, ageing population and intergenerational relationships, employment, Youth, gender equality, human rights and democracy are high on our list of priorities.
We are also currently developing activities on every aspect of social capital enhancement which can contribute to community cohesion.

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Aldeia Lusófona

Avenida Marechal Costa Gomes n.º 18, 3º C, Encosta do Sol 2650-438 Amadora, Portugal
Phone : +351 / 916 499 693
PIC (Erasmus+, Culture, Media) 948945569

Aldeia Lusófona