A European sense of belonging

We aim at fostering European cooperation by designing, developing and multiplying projects and good practices through a unique platform of interaction, aiming at collectively realizing the potential for the European agendas, policies and recommendations.

Fostering European Cooperation with an inclusive intercultural input


Our aim in this field is to organize activities with a broaden range of target group, addressing issues, concepts, methods and contents applicable for educational and training purposes, considering the need to improve people knowledge and awareness on global issues and interdependency.


Our association promote instructional methods involving active learning that present opportunities for learners to formulate their own questions, debate issues, explain their perspectives, and engage in cooperative and participative learning by working in teams on problems and projects.


Promoting knowledge sharing and learning. The sharing of good practices is one of the first things carried out in a knowledge management initiative. Good practices can be considered as processes or methodologies that embody the most effective way of reaching a specific objective.


We aim at enhancing the collective capacity of organisations. Our activities in this field aim at increasing the competences, infrastructure, and resources of individuals, organizations and communities. Capacity building is a key strategy for the empowerment of individuals and organisations.


Fostering the continuous personal development of individuals through innovative learning paths. Intercultural dialogue and education is a key instrument to generate intercultural and cohesive societies without which it will be complex to preserve freedom and well-being of everyone.


Our aim is to respond to the changing needs of rural communities in rural and isolated areas at a variety of levels considering economical development, environment protection and equitable social progress. Our community-building contribution within sustainable projects reflect our vision that rural communities.