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European Cooperation

We aim at fostering European cooperation by supporting in designing, developing and multiplying projects and good practices through a unique platform of interaction, aiming at collectively realizing the potential for the European agendas, policies and recommendations.


The goal of Azorvida is to make your project visible by promoting extended IT service, also quality and innovation in the field of Access to information, Human rights/Gender/Training & ICT’s, Open Source Initiative, Strategic use of the internet, ICT service & support based on our experiences in media tools, webdesign, event & project management and implementation.


Our mission is to exemplify, show and inspire as many people and organizations as possible to strive for a new connection quality in our economy and society to encourage and support the process of social innovation toward a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth with a focus on the access to a free and open internet including the advanced use of Open Source to improve our lives and also to mobilize the public opinion.


Implemented and running projects where Azorvida is involved

Azores Island Graciosa becomes energy self-sufficient

Sustainable Development

Memória de Records Club - Creating Magic Moments

Website Design | Management

Discover Northern Alentejo

Website Design | Communication Management


Co-Producer | Web Management

Horizon Europa Partners

Activity on EU level


Dissemination | Web Management


Progressive Internet Communications

Aldeia Lusofona - IG Train

Website Design | Support



The Travel Portal

Website Design | Online-Marketing

Azorvida Academy

Teaching for success

My Crypto-World

Get ready for crypto world


Learn something about Azorvida

  • Our Humble Beginnings

    Get ready for crypto world

    The idea of Azorvida has already been developed in 2010 on the very beautiful Azores island of Graciosa. Hence the name Azorvida comes from Azores and vida, the Portuguese word for life.

  • The first cooperation

    The Partnership with Memória de Records Club in 2013 to 2016 as responsible technical manager gives us the opportunity to to refine our experiences in the field of the active design and evaluation of networked, international development structures, the decision-making in risky and complex issues, the enforcement of decisions in organisations as well as the evaluation of economic impact of complex cross-company projects.

  • Activity at EU Level

    Azorvida have been more recently (2015) involved in the dissemination of its activity at EU level through a consortium platform: Horizon Europa Partners. Through this partnership - which continues to this day - Azorvida maintains part of its activity thanks to volunteering within the area of global issues awareness, and promotes a wide variety of activities for associated members and communities, such as ICT service & support, citizen panels, training courses, seminars, workshops and lectures, with the strong and inclusive involvement of the local authorities.

  • PIC was born

    In 2016, the development of PIC was the next logical step in the development of Azorvida. With PIC - Progressive internet communications including new ways of corporate culture -, Azorvida is working on intelligent implementation and use of Social Media possibilities to increase communication and dissemination having always in mind, that safety and security of work inside the internet is not disregarded.

  • Make Experience Visible

    Exploring and developing new concepts in online- and social media marketing in addition with the previous knowledge and experience in the field of Tourism and Event industry in general, Azorvida created in early 2017 the new platform of to accomplish a more deep and integrated consultation within the consortiums we are building for each activity, aiming at generating an enhanced European added value, dimension and exploitation of results potential.

  • Foundation of the Azorvida Academy

    The Founding of the Azorvida Academy on 15 October 2017 was only the next logical step. According to our mission, we encourage and support the process of business innovation toward a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in a variety of fields within the sector of e-learning, digital marketing, coaching and CRM (customer relationship management), to name but a few.

  • Founding ALTRACKS

    ALTRACKS - Surfing on BIONICwaves Energy frequency patterns, given birth to by the Big Bang, have ever since affected life on this planet. Since we humans are part of nature and its order energy frequency patterns can affect the natural order of our organism and thus our well being in a positive way.

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